Consultations and Organization

Do you have a “brick wall”? Would you like help in determining that “next” research step? Do you need help in organizing your data?

Let me assist you by developing a research plan to help you with your research problem. I can also help with organizing what you already have to help you continue that search for your ancestors.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.

LETTER OF AGREEMENT – Once an invitation for a specific consultation service is presented, I will send a Letter of Agreement.

CONSULTATION FEE – The initial non-refundable retainer will cover a maximum of ten (10) hours of work to conduct an analysis of the materials you have provided. If additional hours are required, they will be billed at the current hourly rate. The consultation fee will be applied to the analysis of the records/data you provide; consultation time/telephone conversations with you, other specialists, and/or repositories; meetings; computer data entry; research plan and/or chart preparation; etc. as required for your contracted project. Documentation of all expense charges will be provided.

REIMBURSABLE EXPENSES – Out-of-pocket expenses will be charged to you, including, but not limited to, actual cost for repository fees, parking fees, copies (including my file copies), microfilm rentals/copies, postage, etc. Auto travel (25-59 miles from my home in Duval Co., FL) will be at the current IRS rate. Out-of-area auto travel (in excess of 60 miles from my home) will be at the current IRS rate plus cost of lodging (if required), fares, and meals.

BILLING AND PAYMENT – The initial retainer (fully earned and non-refundable) will be due at the time of engagement. If additional hours are required, 50% of estimated cost will be due at the time of your authorization. The final 50% will be due before the final report is issued.

Please contact me for the current initial retainer and hourly rate costs.