Speaker Details & Fees

1. PRESENTATION FORMAT – Each lecture is a 50-minute presentation with a 10-minute question and answer period. If I will be providing more than one presentation, breaks of 20-30 minutes between my presentations are needed. I will work with you in selecting the topics and the sequence of presentation.

2. HANDOUTS – Handouts (lecture materials) are provided for each lecture, usually run 4 pages in length, and are updated prior to the presentation. The content of the presentations and handouts are copyrighted by me and may not be further reprinted, reproduced, published, sold, or distributed to non-registrants. A one-time reproduction license will be provided under the contract for the Society to make the necessary copies for the Event attendees. Duplication-ready handout masters will be provided two weeks in advance of the event.

3. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION – All lectures include a question and answer period, visual presentation, and handouts. I encourage audience participation.

4. CONTRACT – Once an invitation for a specific event and date is offered, I will send a contract which will include event-specific arrangements. Event publicity naming me as the speaker should not begin until a contract is signed.

5. EQUIPMENT FOR LECTURES – The Society will arrange for a lectern; table next to the lectern large enough to hold a projector, computer, and lecture materials; drinking water; a projection screen large enough for the room; and a microphone (lavaliere microphone, if available) to be available for my use.

6. TAPING AND PUBLICATION OF PRESENTATIONS – Audio and video taping of my presentations is not permitted. The contents of the lecture presentations and the handouts are copyrighted by me and may not be transcribed for print or electronic publications as further detailed in item 2 above.

7. PUBLICITY AND EVENT INTRODUCTIONS – I would like to review the initial advertising before it is printed or released. I do like to receive a copy of all flyers and any notices of the presentation that appear in newspapers, newsletters, etc. Upon request, I can provide further details on the topics, additional personal and professional biographical details, and a photo for your use in the advertising.

8. LECTURE FEE – The lecture fee covers my time for updating lectures and handout masters and presenting the lecture. Payment for lecture fees is due on the day of the presentation.

9. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS AND COSTS – I will make my own transportation arrangements to and from the event city and reserve the option of either flying or driving.

Flying will be by roundtrip coach class, advance purchase from Jacksonville, FL. The cost of the airline ticket will be billed to the sponsoring society at the time the ticket is purchased for immediate reimbursement.

If it is more economical and feasible to travel by automobile, the current IRS mileage rate will apply and payment is due on the day of the presentation.

For overnight trips, I will also require a non-smoking motel/hotel room with two double beds. Accommodations in the conference hotel or comparable hotel will be for the night before the event and continue through the night immediately following the event. The Society agrees to handle the reservation and the payment directly with the hotel.

Please contact me for the current presentation fee and if you have additional questions.